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Nayef E. Rashwan, M. Director and Founder, Q-Mobile Middle East Inc.

Competing in today's Mobile Networks and services industry is tough work. However, Q-mobile is committed to providing its customers with superior services and high quality mobile applications. Essentially, we are customer-driven, making you not just another mobile phone number. My representatives will go that extra mile to accommodate your needs. We will outsource material to fulfill all your difficult and essential requirements. Quality control is just as important as customer service. To that end, Q-mobile maintains strict adherence to maintaining and always improving our quality systems. All contents and products are fully certified to the most stringent quality standards of the IT industry in which we serve.

It's all about commitment to providing you with premium-grade Services, informational products and mobile applications with the highest level of personal attention that's backed by a staff of experienced, caring individuals dedicated to keeping your satisfaction and benefit on top of all concerns.
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Q-Mobile is a mobile messaging service provider in the Middle East,

Offering powerful SMS functionality to operators, enterprises, aggregators, ISPs and message resellers. Through partnerships with mobile operators, the company has unique, multiple points of access into the deep level mobile telecom network, enabling it to offer a new level of quality in messaging services.

Q-Mobile offers a range of services that leverage its network access including outsourced operator messaging services, wholesale SMS and enterprise SMS.

The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Qatar with offices in Egypt and Lebanon. Q-Mobile works with a wide range of mobile operators and major global businesses.

In 2005, Q-Mobile opened a Software Development Department in Egypt to develop Application in-house, but later it developed and started producing commercial high quality software.


To Become a Key Player in Telecommunication

Q-Mobile Vision is to become a key player in telecommunication and end-to-end wireless Value Added Services, and major solution provider for the next generation converged telecommunication and IT networks.


Q-Mobile mission is to identify future technology and market trends for telecommunication, provide a quality wireless added value Services and develop new innovative solutions, integrated platforms service and application for the future network as well as establishing strategic partnerships with: Mobile Operators, Media Owners, Content Partners, Enterprise Customers

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