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Premium SMS Services that help you in your daily life.


  • Daily reminder service that provides users with Islamic alert text messages at the times of the five prayers to be the first to answer the call to prayers. The messages include Hadeeth, doaa, supplications and quotes on the rewards and benefits of each prayer.

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  • News service that delivers instant messages of the most important world news and a comprehensive coverage on the latest developments in the global events

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  • An Islamic service that provides a daily text message containing general Doaa from the Quran and Sonah, in addition to supplications recited in different ituations and words for praising Allah

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  • Are you tired of arguments, jealousy, stubbornness.Subscribe now to Asrar service and learn the secrets of a successful marriage life.

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  • Is a service which offers useful and important medical advices and remedies

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  • Q Islam is a daily service that provides text messages rich with Islamic knowledge including variations of Quran verses, Hadeeth, stories, supplications and Sonah

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  • Q Jokes is a daily entertainment service that draws a smile on your face with a text message of the newest and wittiest jokes

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  • Daily economic news service that provides a follow-up on the financial market and economy in Qatar with the latest news on companies, conferences, xhibitions and new projects to be the starting points of your financial and investment decisions.

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  • An entertainment service that provides a daily text message of the most rare information, strangest facts and weirdest stories

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  • A news service that provides users with daily text messages of updates in the local events of Qatar and the activities of various social, cultural, and educational institutions in Doha and reminds of the most important conferences, seminars and exhibitions hosted by Doha

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